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3 Ways to Bring your Knowledge Online with Odijoo

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Signing up for Odijoo, creating courses in Odijoo, publishing courses in Odijoo and hosting courses in Odijoo are all absolutely free. However, once you’re done all that, you’re going to want to bring your knowledge online and start delivering, sharing or monetizing your courses.

There are three ways to bring your knowledge online with Odijoo:

  1. You can share your online courses with the Odijoo community.
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  2. You can sell your online courses in Odijoo. Odijoo™ deducts 10% from the purchase price (with a $5 minimum charge) everytime someone purchases your course and you keep the rest! If you don’t make money, we don’t charge!
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  3. You can create an Odijoo Campus for free and have your own private online space for training employees. Campus seats are sold in blocks, with each seat representing one user taking one course. You can either purchase a block of 100 seats for $700, a block of 500 seats for $3,000 or a block of 1,000 seats for $5,000.
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It’s that simple to bring your knowledge online wth Odijoo!

Odijoo at Devlearn 2009

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Thanks to everyone that dropped by our booth at Devlearn 2009. We connected with a lot of eLearning professionals, trainers, teachers, students and subject matter experts. Our booth at this year’s Devlearn conference featured an interactive demo of Odijoo, as well as an augmented reality presentation.

We also hosted a concurrent speaking session, titled “SaaSy Learning”, in which we covered the problem of eLearning and the solution Odijoo offers.

Odijoo gives users a personalized, cost-effective and all-in-one eLearning solution – an idea which went over very well with a lot of the individuals who came to check out our booth, most notably SMBs.

Here are some photos of our booth from the show:

Odijoo booth at devlearn 2009


Join Odijoo at Devlearn 2009

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Odijoo will be exhibiting and speaking at the Devlearn 2009 conference and expo, the eLearning Guild’s annual event for all things eLearning. Come check our booth at the Devlearn Expo, which takes place on November 11-12 and learn about Odijoo or see it in action. Odijoo will be booth #308.

Be sure to also stop by and join us in our free Master Class presentation at Devlearn 2009, titled “Odijoo: SaaSy Learning”. The presentation, which will describe Odijoo’s advantages in more detail, is set to take place on the Master Class Stage on Wednesday November 11, 2009 at 2:15pm-2:55pm.

About Devlearn 2009:
“DevLearn 2009 Conference & Expo is for learning management, design, and development professionals who are leading e-Learning efforts, and who need to stay on top of emerging technologies, proven strategies, and best practices to ensure their organization’s success.”
Devlearn 2009 Website

Devlearn 2009 Location:
170 South Market Street
San Jose, California
United States
Fairmont San Jose Website

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170 South Market Street
San Jose, California

Add Odijoo on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Our Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts are now up and running! Add Odijoo on your favorite social networking engine and tell us what you like about Odijoo, what you’d like to see improved, or connect with us on your specific Odijoo-related inquiries and the latest Odijoo news and events !

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We look forward to connecting with you!