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Add Third Party Learning Content To Your Classrooms

Monday, December 20th, 2010

What we have found is that great learning content can come in many forms and from many places on the internet. One of the best formats has been video as it lets students experience the classroom environment wherever they are. A great example is the where Salman Khan has been able to teach over 30 million people on a multitude of high school and college level topics (Love that digital chalk board he uses). For many subject matter experts, slides and Powerpointâ„¢, continues to be an old reliable standby and continues to overcome the disdain of every college student (the US military feels the same way).

However it still takes a little effort to create the material and organize the topics into learning objects. At Odijoo we feel the entire classroom learning experience is not about one particular format type. It’s about using the best tools and reinforcing learning through different approaches. So to hasten the creation of your classrooms, and to let you teach students in an efficient manner, we have have included the embedding of media from several the major sites – Youtube, Vimeo, Scribd, Docstoc, and Slideshare. This is in addition to our SCORM importer, the learning standard used by professional instructional designers. The first two are major video streaming sites, and the remaining three are browser based document viewers, for formats like word, pdf and powerpoint. All these sites have millions of learning resources and now they can be added to your Odijoo Classrooms.

All you need to do is to login and visit Click on Add 3rd Party and provide the embed link or URL to your third party media. This becomes part of your repository of learning content. Now whenever you create a classroom, drag and drop this media and your students will be able to learn with it. We would love to hear your feedback.

Have a Happy Holiday from everyone at!