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3 ways to Author courses for free with Odijoo

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Odijoo is a free course authoring tool designed to fit the needs of a variety of audiences. Odijoo makes e-Learning simple and quick for anyone – from the novice, looking for a quick way to place their content online and start teaching, to the expert who wants to host them SCORM content for free.

To show Odijoo’s versatility, we’ve put together this list of 3 easy ways for you to author your courses for free in Odijoo, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user.

1. Easy Course Authoring for the Beginner

By far the easiest way to author courses in Odijoo, is to create a classroom and upload files into it, such as PDFs or PowerPoints. This is surely not the most effective way of administering a course, but for users who have little time and require a quick, collaborative, web-based and free method of sharing files and training, it may be the best solution.

To add a PDF or PowerPoint to Odijoo, simply create a classroom, and add your resources to it. Resources can be PDFs, PowerPoints, Microsoft Word files and much more. Once you’re ready to share, invite your students or add your Classroom as a public Classroom to the Odijoo Marketplace. Learn more»

Odijoo free course authoring

2. Rapid Course authoring for the Intermediate User

Rapid Course authoring is a good option for users who require a more advanced course authoring method than simply adding resources, yet still require a fast and easy-to-use solution. Odijoo’s built-in authoring tool allows users to create PowerPoint-like course slides, from right within Odijoo and instantly then save them as an Odijoo course. Your Authoring tool-created course can incorporate images, hyperlinks, flash, video, audio and more.

Once you’ve finished authoring your course, you can import it into a classroom, to add resources / files, discussion boards, quizzes, completion reports (grading) and more. You can also invite students to take the course, or offer it for free or a fee on the Odijoo Marketplace to the Odijoo community. The result is a beautiful, interactive and dynamic online course, authored and hosted for you within Odijoo.

To create a course using the Odijoo authoring tool, log in, navigate to the Content Menu and select “Authoring tool” to begin. Learn more»

Odijoo free course authoring tool

3. Advanced Course Authoring for the Expert

If you’re an expert course developer, or someone who’s familiar with Online Course authoring, then you’ll likely already have previously-created SCORM-Compliant content, authored in an external authoring tool. Odijoo is 100% SCORM- compliant and allows you to import your SCORM content and begin teaching it right away, and for free. Simply import your SCORM course and then add it to a classroom.

Once in a classroom, you can choose to add discussion boards, quizzes and completion reports to your SCORM course and most importantly, you can begin inviting students to take the course. Alternatively, you can sell it or offer the course for free, in the Odijoo Marketplace, to interested Odijoo users. The best part is it’s all 100% free – if you don’t make money, we don’t charge.

To import a SCORM-compliant course to Odijoo, log in, navigate to the Content Menu and select “Import SCORM” to begin. Learn more»

Odijoo SCORM-Compliant LMS

So there you have it – whether you’re a novice, intermediate or expert, Odijoo has the free, and web-based course authoring solution for you. To learn more about Odijoo, click here.