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3 Ways to Bring your Knowledge Online with Odijoo

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Signing up for Odijoo, creating courses in Odijoo, publishing courses in Odijoo and hosting courses in Odijoo are all absolutely free. However, once you’re done all that, you’re going to want to bring your knowledge online and start delivering, sharing or monetizing your courses.

There are three ways to bring your knowledge online with Odijoo:

  1. You can share your online courses with the Odijoo community.
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  2. You can sell your online courses in Odijoo. Odijoo™ deducts 10% from the purchase price (with a $5 minimum charge) everytime someone purchases your course and you keep the rest! If you don’t make money, we don’t charge!
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  3. You can create an Odijoo Campus for free and have your own private online space for training employees. Campus seats are sold in blocks, with each seat representing one user taking one course. You can either purchase a block of 100 seats for $700, a block of 500 seats for $3,000 or a block of 1,000 seats for $5,000.
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It’s that simple to bring your knowledge online wth Odijoo!