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How to Convert PowerPoints into Engaging Online Training Courses

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Odijoo’s Import PowerPoint feature is the fastest and easiest way to convert your existing organizational training material into dynamic and engaging online courses. Simply create your PowerPoint, or find an existing PowerPoint that you currently use for training and upload it as an Odijoo course.

Now add interactivity and students to your new PowerPoint-based course by importing it into an Odijoo Classroom and being able to add any or all of the following elements to it:

Add Discussions:
Engage your learners in the course material by adding discussion boards to your classroom. Discussions can be used for learners to ask questions or as open forums for learners to discuss course topics. You can choose whether you’d like discussions to be a graded or non-graded component of your classroom

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Create Quizzes:
Test your learners by adding dynamic and interactive quizzes to your classroom. Quizzes can be true/false, multiple choice or paragraph format and are added using a simple drag and drop mechanism. You can edit the number of attempts and grading criteria of each quiz and can determine whether you want each quiz to count for a learner’s final mark or not.

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Upload Supplementary Material:
You can upload files to your classroom to provide learners with supplementary material. Uploaded files can be any format you wish, including HTML, PDF and Microsoft Office documents.

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Grade Learners and issue Certification:
Odijoo’s Completion Reports allow you to determine marking criteria and give learners a final grade and percentage.  You can also create a custom Certificate of completion, to certify learners who succesfully passed your course. Completion Certificates can include:

  • Change the border colour
  • Add a Crest
  • Dynamically generate and place your Course, Instructor(s) and/or Student names on the certificate
  • Show credit hours and/or letter grade achieved
  • Add your own custom text to the certificate
  • And more…

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Contacts, Messaging and Course Rating System:
Throughout their learning experiences, you can exhange messages with your learners, from within Odijoo. Odijoo’s messaging system provides you with an inbox and the ability to send any Odijoo member a private message. You can also add members as Contacts/friends within Odijoo.  In addition, once your learners have completed your course, they can provide you some feedback using Odijoo’s Course Rating System. Odijoo’s Course rating system is user-maintained and works similar to that of Amazon and other websites.