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SCORM is Coming to Odijoo

Friday, March 19th, 2010

We’re excited to announce that in about a month’s time, Odijoo will be fully SCORM-Compliant!

SCORM is a global standard for packaging eLearning content. It gives users the ability to create online courses in a course authoring tool like Articulate , Lectora , Adobe Presenter , Click2Learn/Toolbook and more and then export the course into any Learning Management System, including Odijoo.

You’ll be able to simply create your SCORM course in a SCORM-Compliant authoring tool, export it as a SCORM course and then import that SCORM course into Odijoo. Once the course is in an Odijoo Classroom, you can add a variety of features to it, including other Courses (SCORM or not), PowerPoints, Quizzes, Discussions and of course, students. You can also put the course into your own Odijoo Private Campus  or sell enrollment to the course  in the Marketplace .

The purpose of SCORM is to save you time. If you already have SCORM-Compliant Online Learning content that you’ve developed, you will now be able to import it into Odijoo with a click of a button. You’ll still be able to use the built-in authoring tool and import PowerPoint features in Odijoo, but for those who already have prepared content, SCORM provides an easier solution.

We expect Odijoo to be SCORM-Compliant in about a month’s time; we’ll keep you posted. Click here to learn more about SCORM.