As an administrator, how can I edit the Campus Details?

  1. Go to Main
  2. Click on Campus Settings
  3. Click on Edit Settings
  4. Add a title to your campus
  5. Add a URL link from your campus
  6. Add a Message.

Following message will appear on the home page of the campus, “Welcome  to (your company name) Campus …”

 7. Include a Login Message

Visible only for private campuses on the log-in page.

 8. Select a Campus Privacy Setting. Choose between Private or Public settings from the drop down list, depending on the audience for whom the content will be delivered.

 9. Select the Campus Publishers Settings. Choose either:

  a. Require admin approval – all courses will require an administrator to review and approve courses before they can be published or,

  b. Do not require admin approval – courses will not require reviews and approval, and can be published immediately.

10. Click on Browse button to upload your campus Logo

11. Click on Save


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