What is a campus?

A campus is a fully branded and personalized space located at Users can sign up for a campus for free and once approved (within 48 hours) have their own online space in which to store, promote and sell seats to their classrooms.
Campus administrators can invite members into the campus, add courses to the
campus and modify the campus’s look and feel to match that of their organization,
website or personal preference.

When a user sets up a campus, they have a choice to make the
campus either private or public.

A private campus is not publically listed and cannot be found in the Community menu
of Odijoo. Users cannot view it or become members of it unless they receive an
invitation to do so from a campus administrator or owner. A public campus is one that users do not need to be invited into to join. It is instead publically listed and can be found in the Community menu of Odijoo. Users can view these campuses, choose the ones they want to
become members of and become members instantly. Owners of this type of campus
do not need to buy any seats and there can be an unlimited amount of members.


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