Find and Invite contacts to My Campus

  1. Go to Members
  2. You can add contacts from your email addressed by Find Contacts from your Email
  • Provide Your Email and Password from your preferred email account provider, i.e. gmail, yahoo, aol.

Once a person has been invited to become a member of a campus, they will need to join Odijoo, if they have not already registered.

 3. Click on Find.

 4. Select desired contacts from the list of email addresses displayed. As a contact is selected it appears under Email section in Invite Contact

 5. Add a Personal Message. Request selected contacts to become an Odijoo campus member and click on Invite.

Odijoo will send a message to your contacts. Once invitations have been sent, a list of Pending Invitations will be produced until an invitation has been accepted to join your campus.


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