Getting Started

Odijoo is a free web-based eLearning platform that allows you to have your own personalized online space to create, publish, share and monetize online courses. Odijoo is an end-to-end eLearning platform allowing you to create, teach, administer and host online
courses from one URL. It combines course creation software, a learning management system, hosting services and social networking capabilities. All in one free web-based application.

Get started right away

  • Create, host, and publish online courses for free. You can either import a PowerPoint or use Odijoo’s built-in Authoring tool. You can create courses add interactivity, audio
    narration or sound, videos, pictures, text formatting and more.

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  • Sell and/or syndicate online courses and start making money. Create an
    online course with the and syndicate (sell) the content to other users, or
    turn it into a classroom and offer it from the Marketplace for an
    enrollment fee.

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Learn more about setting an enrollment fee for a classroom

  • Start a campus and own a customized, branded, and personalized place in
    Odijioo located at You can use a campus as your
    own private webpage within Odijoo, or a storefront ort or online training
    centre, from which you can conduct your business.

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  • Share and collaborate with other Odijoo users - add friends, rate
    courses, and more.

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