How do I create a classroom?

  1. Go to Author Course
  2. Identify the course you want to create a classroom and Click on Create Classroom
  3. Fill out the following details about the Classroom
  • Name:  Name will be shown to the student and teachers
  • Short Name:Brief name used to differentiate classrooms
  • Description
    Use this area to briefly describe the course.  You should include the topics that will be covered and the skills or knowledge that will be learned upon its completion.
  • Requirements:
  • Categories
    By providing Keywords, Subject and Industry, people can find your course more easily.
  • Course Image
    The course image will be displayed in the course list and in the Marketplace.
    The image will be resized to 146 x 100.

4.You can either

  1. See how your entries will be displayed by clicking on Preview
  2. Proceed immediately by clicking Add Course to Classroom

After clicking Add to Classroom, you will be led directly to the Classroom Settings.

You can either

a. Start choosing the classroom settings now

b. or choose the settings at a later time: click on Cancel

Get more information about the Classroom settings

You will find your classrooms under Classrooms>My Classrooms under As Administrator

Get more instructions on How to administer a classroom


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