How do I create a classroom with a campus?

Only Publishers or Administrators can create a classroom in a Campus.

Only administrators have the authority to approve a classroom, if requested.

 To create a classroom:

  1. Go to Author Course
  2. Identify the course you want to create a classroom in your campus and click on Create Classroom
  3. Enter Course Namethis was added when course was first created. The name can be edited if you wish. Add a Short name.
  4. Enter a Descriptionwas added when course was first created. The description can be edited if you wish, however once you click on the Add Course to Campus, it can’t be changed.

 Add optional information, such as:

 5. Enter Course requirements – any prerequisite information.

 6. Enter any Keywords – used for searching purposes.

 7. Select a Subject  - use the drop down arrow to find an appropriate category.

 8. Select an Industry - use the drop down arrow to find an appropriate category.

 9. Click on Course Image to upload an image file – use the browse button to find an image that represents your course content.

 10. Click on Preview – look at the image and text prior to committing it to the system.

 11. Click on Add Course to Campuscommits the course to the Odijoo database system.

 12. Next you can set the Classroom Settings  by specifying the Duration of the course, Enrollment duration, Fees, role, enrollment type, course availability.

 13.Click on Submit

Now you can see the classroom listed under Campus Classrooms and My Classrooms As Administrator.

Now you can start to invite students and teachers to  your classroom.


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