How do I edit the classroom settings?

  1. Go to Classroom
  2. Select My Classrooms
  3. Select view As Administrator
  4. Choose a classrooms where you want to edit the settings
  5. Go to Overview tab and click on Settings
  6. Edit your settings:
  • Start Date – Course commencing date
  • Weeks – Decide upon the duration of the course, in weeks.
  • Enroll Start Date & End date – Duration for student enrollment
  • Cost per Student & Currency -  Set the cost each student has to pay, when he/she enrolls in a classroom in US Dollars.
  • Check if You are also a teacher in the course
  • Enrollment Type -
    • Open Enrollment: Anyone can choose a course and enroll as a student. Additionally, an administrator can invite users in an open enrollment. Any student to join the classroom from either the Marketplace or Your Campus.
    • Closed Enrollment: Only invited users can enroll in a classroom. An administrator has to invite users to a classroom. Get more instructions on How to invite students.Only invited contacts can enroll in classroom in Your Campus or within Odijoo.
    • Available in
      • Marketplace, or,
      • My Campus (if you have a campus)
      • The options Marketplace and Campus are only available if “Open Enrollment” has been chosen.
      • Note: If you select Closed Enrollment, then the Marketplace is not available to see classrooms.

7. Click on Submit

Once a teacher or a student has enrolled in the course, the course settings cannot be changed.


Enrolment Type Changes Automatically

If you try to select either Marketplace or Campus the Enrollment Type changes automatically to Open Enrollment.


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