Odijoo: eLearning Simplified

Odijoo is a free web-based eLearning platform that allows users to have their own personalized online space from which to create, publish, share and monetize online courses. It is built around a SaaS-based (Software as a Service) model, using software to bring on-demand access to course development and Learning Management services. Odijoo is an end-to-end online learning platform, as it allows users to create, teach, administer and host their online courses all from one place. It is a combination of course creation software, a learning management system, hosting services and social networking tools, all in one web-based application.

A course in Odijoo can be defined as fully-hosted course content presented in a series of online modules, topics, lessons and pages. Users can create interactive online courses using the built-in authoring tool, or by importing a PowerPoint Presentation. Odijoo courses can incorporate features such as formatted text, audio narration, video, images and more. Once a course is created, the content can be offered for sale to other Odijoo users as a syndicated course, or imported into a classroom and delivered to students.

A classroom in Odijoo can be defined as a space, which contains an imported course, an administrator, teachers and classroom activities. Classroom activities include quizzes, classroom discussions, uploaded files and completion reports (report cards). Odijoo classrooms can be offered to users for free or for an enrollment price. Classroom enrollment can be by invitation only, to a select group of users, or public, whereby the classroom is instantly shared with every Odijoo user in the Odijoo Marketplace.

The Odijoo Marketplace is a place where knowledge is exchanged in Odijoo and is part of Odijoo’s social networking component. Odijoo’s other social networking features including adding friends as contacts, sending messages and rating courses.

Odijoo is ideal for subject matter experts, instructional designers, trainers, organizations that need to train staff and educational institutions:

  1. Subject Matter Experts and instructional designers can use their expertise to create a course and put the content up for sale to the Odijoo community as a syndicated course in the Marketplace. Alternatively, they can publish the course into a classroom and charge an enrollment price for every student who wishes to enroll.
  2. Trainers and Organizations that need to train staff can bring their training courses online in an effective and affordable manner, by setting up a personalized and branded Odijoo private campus. Once a campus is created, clients and/or employees can be invited in to start learning.
  3. Educational Institutions can also set up an Odijoo campus and use it as a distance education centre. Students can be invited to be campus members and teachers can start inviting their students to their classrooms in the campus.


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