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Delivering Classrooms to Students in Odijoo

There are two ways to deliver a classroom to students in Odijoo – as a closed enrollment classroom or an open enrollment classroom.

Closed Enrollment Classrooms are private and can only be accessed by students who are invited into them by the classroom administrator or teacher. To invite students into their classroom, a teacher or administrator can either:

  • Manually type emails of people they wish to invite.
  • Import a csv file which contains emails of people they wish to invite.
  • Import contacts from their Gmail, Yahoo or AOL email accounts.
  • Choose from a list of their contacts in Odijoo whom they want to invite.

After being invited, students are sent an email to join a classroom. If they do not yet have an Odijoo account, they are prompted to first register for Odijoo before being allowed to enroll.

Closed Enrollment classrooms can be offered for an enrollment price, or for free – this is determined by a classroom’s administrator in their classroom’s settings.

Closed Enrollment classrooms are ideal for organizational training or private institutional learning. Trainers can create online training courses, turn them into classrooms and teach them to their own list of clients, employees or students and nobody else.

Open Enrollment Classrooms are public and can be accessed by any Odijoo user, through the Odijoo Marketplace.

The Odijoo Marketplace is a place within Odijoo which can be accessed by any Odijoo user and used to browse for open enrollment classrooms created and shared in Odijoo. Some classrooms in the Marketplace are offered for free, while some are up for sale for an enrollment price; this is up to the classroom administrator. After creating a classroom and setting it to open enrollment, a classroom with automatically show up in the Marketplace and be available for anyone in the Odijoo community to view and enroll.

Open Enrollment classrooms can be offered for an enrollment price, or for free – this is determined by a classroom’s administrator in their classroom’s settings. Open Enrollment classrooms are ideal for subject matter experts or instructional designers who wish to monetize their knowledge. They can use their expertise to create an Odijoo course, promote it through the Marketplace and charge interested learners a fee to enroll.

Pricing for Classrooms

If a classroom has an attached enrollment price, students add the classroom to their cart and pay for it within Odijoo via PayPal before being able to enroll. Odijoo receives the payment, retains 10% (with a $5 minimum charge) and the rest is payed to the classroom administrator after the end of the month.

Social Learning and Social Networking in Odijoo

Odijoo is an asynchronous eLearning platform, which takes a student-centered online learning approach. The goal of Odijoo is to facilitate 2-way learning in the classroom setting: student to student, student to teacher and teacher to student. It achieves this goal by combining the functionality of an eLearning platform, with social networking features. These features include:

Odijoo Marketplace - Users can connect with one another and share knowledge in the Odijoo marketplace. The Odijoo Marketplace is the part of Odijoo where students and teachers share knowledge. Users can search for courses by name, subject matter or industry and enroll either for free or for a fee (if the classroom administrator has set one) and instantly begin learning!

Course rating system – After enrolling in a course and taking it, users can rate it. This involves users giving the course a rating out of 5 stars and leaving a comment about their experiences with it. The system works much like that of Amazon or Expedia and is designed to give potential students a better idea of the quality of a course, before enrolling.

Classroom Discussions – Students and teachers in classrooms can interact with one another via classroom discussions. These are forum-like message threads that teachers and students can use to pose questions and communicate about course material. The classroom can also be set up so that classroom discussions are graded. Here, the teacher would manually assign grade values to discussions based on either quantity or quality of participation. Teacher/Admin sets criteria and comments and marks based on that.

Odijoo Messaging and Contacts system – Users can add friends in Odijoo and send/receive messages. The message centre in Odijoo is also where users can view their invitations to courses or receive notifications from classroom administrator or the Odijoo team. Odijoo’s messaging system is located on the top right of the screen once you log in and works much like the messaging and contact systems of Facebook and MySpace.


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