Syndicate Online Courses in Odijoo

Syndicating an online course in Odijoo means creating an online course using the authoring tool or by importing a PowerPoint presentation and then selling that course to other users to turn into their own classroom.  Syndicated courses can be found for sale in the Marketplace and are perfect for subject matter experts or instructional designers, who wish to monetize their knowledge without having to create and administer a classroom of their own. Syndicating a course is a simple process:

The first step is to create an online course in Odijoo using the Authoring tool, or by importing a PowerPoint Presentation. Once this is done, a user can go to Authored Courses and next to the appropriate course, choose Syndicate Course. The next step is to add details to the syndicated course, including the name and description, keywords, subject matter, industry, requirements, payment options and a course image. The name and description are the only required fields.

After adjusting the details of the syndicated course and setting the appropriate cost for users to purchase it, the syndicated course will show up in the Marketplace. When a user searches the Marketplace, they will see the course details and any user ratings that have been added by previous students. To purchase a syndicated course, a user must add it to their cart and pay for it within Odijoo via PayPal.

There is no limit to how many times a syndicated course can be offered for sale or bought. If a user wants to create multiple classrooms with the same syndicated course content, they must purchase more than one instance of the same syndicated course. This can be done by changing the Qty field in the shopping cart to the appropriate number. Once a user purchases a syndicated course, they can access it by clicking on the Order History section of the Marketplace menu and finding their course at the bottom under Courses ready for a Classroom. The course content cannot be modified, it can only be deployed to a classroom. Once a user has purchased a syndicated course and turned it into a classroom, they can:

  • Turn it into a closed enrollment classroom and invite students to join for free or for an enrollment price.
  • Turn it into an open enrollment classroom and offer it for free or for an enrollment price in the Marketplace.
  • Add the classroom to their campus.

Pricing for Syndicated Courses

If a course has an attached syndication fee, students add the course to their cart and pay for it within Odijoo via PayPal before being able to turn it into their own classroom. When a user buys a syndicated course, Odijoo receives the payment, retains 10% (with a $5 minimum charge) and the rest is payed to the course syndicator after the end of the month.


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