eLearning Simplified
Create, Teach, and Sell your Training courses
from your own Online Campus.
Odjoo is an eLearning platform where users can create online courses and deliver them to students
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Online Courses
Quickly and easily create
interactive online courses
for free.
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Online Courses
Have your online courses
hosted and managed within Odijoo™ for free.
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Online Courses
Online Courses Enroll in and rate online courses, or add friends as contacts in Odijoo™.
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Online Courses
Let Odijoo™ learners enroll in your courses and get paid.
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Online Courses
Online Courses Get paid for letting Odijoo™ learners purchase your online course content.
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Odijoo™ Campuses
Create an eLearning
campus or online
corporate training centre.
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There are three ways to bring your knowledge online with Odijoo™:
  1. Create an online course for free and share it with the Odijoo™ community.
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  2. Create an online course for free and sell it in Odijoo™. Odijoo™ deducts 10% from the purchase price (with a $5 minimum charge) everytime someone purchases your course and you keep the rest! If you don't make money, we don't charge!
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  3. Create an Odijoo™ Campus for free and have your own private online space for training employees. Campus seats are sold in blocks, with each seat representing one user taking one course. Seats cost $7/seat if you wish to purchase between 50 and 150, $6/seat if you wish to purchase between 151 and 500 or $5 if you wish to purchase more than 500 seats.
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